Access the Ranges

Access to the AZCWR is controlled by the management team. There is no other authority.

To establish access to the AZCWR we require your name, a valid mobile phone number that you have access to all the time, and your email address. The management team will enter your data into the registration system. Once that has been completed, you will be notified via email that your account has been activated.  You will then be able to access the ranges via your mobile phone number and text messaging.

You may request an account with our Online Signup Form

There are two SMS commands for the range. The first is ENROLL. This designates what range you wish to access. This step must be taken only as you wish to change the range you are assigned to. To see which one you are on visit to see which one you are enrolled in.

The second command is the ACCESS command.  The ACCESS command must be repeated after each ENROLL command, and again every 24 hours or when your ip address changes. The ENROLL command will terminate all access you have to all ranges until you issue an ACCESS command.  Samples of the commands are listed below.

ENROLL places you into a specific range and will erase all active ACCESS passes you may have open.

You will need to issue an ACCESS command after each ENROLL command you issue and subsequently;

every 24 hours
every time your ip address changes

NOTE: none of these commands will work for you if you do not have an established account with us. The account is completely free, but subject to the approval of our management team.


Range Enrolment and Access

Enroll Commands

Beginner’s Range
enroll beginner

Intermediate Range
enroll intermediate

Advanced Range
enroll advanced

Real-World Range
enroll jedi

Access commands

access yourip

e.g. access

To see your IP as it appears to the range visit the range home page