The Ranges

Why is it called a “Range”?    Every moment of every day across the world, a cyber war is in process.  There are those defending assets, and those seeking to penetrate those defenses and gain that information.  Just as in traditional warfare, learning to defend against the ‘bad guy’ takes practice and is done on a dedicate range.  Additionally cyber security professionals practice InfoSec with a game called Capture The Flag, with both a Blue Team and a Red Team. The Blue Team secures a machine, and the Red Team attempts to takeover or plant a “flag” within the Blue Team’s machine, all within a “Range.”   Hence, we are the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range.

There are many ways to participate, both in-person or virtually upon registering. 

If you want to participate on-site and work with a volunteer mentor, be sure to read and complete the page “Required for Participation on-site at the Range.”

Those wishing to learn virtually, read “how-to” on the page “Remote Access Ranges” and the following: “Access the Ranges,” “Standard Ranges,” Special Ranges.”

With the exception of this website, all parties are encouraged to attack our at your education level or each others commercial products in our real world Cyber Warfare Range.

On site participation is encouraged for some, please feel free to visit one of our ranges when their calendar shows volunteers there.

East Valley Range = Mesa, AZ – Located inside AZLabs.

West Valley Range – Glendale, AZ – Located inside the Grand Canyon University Innovation Center.

Have at it and Happy Hacking!