Cybersecurity Careers

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Linux Engineer (advanced threat intelligence) Scottsdale
> DevOps of advanced threat team, high volume RedHat/Ubunto with VMWare and MySQL/MariaDB

Security Engineer (advanced threat intelligence) Scottsdale
> lead in security operations infrastructure & policy

Security Engineer (advanced threat intelligence) Scottsdale
> PHP and/or Python development: dark/deep web scraping, honey pots, social media

Application Development Manager (protection software) Scottsdale
> Leading in Agile development for React.js & API dev in PHP

Java Developer (protection software) Scottsdale
> 4+ years Java development, web services

PHP Developer (protection software) Scottsdale
> 6+ years of PHP, focus is API middle layer

Support Engineer (protection software) Scottsdale
> SQL query writing and refinment, bug hunter, QA

SOC Manager (cloud security) Phoenix
> 5+ years cybersecurity, 3+ years leadership

Sr. Cloud Security Engineer (cloud security) Phoenix
> 2+ years’ experience SOAP, REST, ActiveMQ, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Zookeeper.
> 4+ years’ experience with J2EE, SQL, ZFS, Perl, RHE, Ruby Rails, LDAP.
> 6+ years’ experience with apache, tomcat, mysql, post gres, scripting languages, SSL, web protocols.
> 10+ years’ experience operating within large Unix/Linux environments.

Security Engineer (cloud security) Phoenix
> 1+ years of cybersecurity experience

Information Security Analyst (MSSP) Phoenix
> 5+ years of cybersecurity experience

Senior Cybersecurity Consultant (MSSP) Phoenix
> 10+ years of Cybersecurity experience

Internships @ Tech Data – Chandler
> (more details to follow)

Security Officer (IT Dept) Pima County – Tucson
> Ensures legal and security (regulatory) compliance, this role is for an ISO, meaning it has emphasis on leadership/policy and that the employee would report directly to our CIO. The employee would also directly manage the Security Team (currently 2 people).