Cybersecurity Event

The media has a lot to say about hackers and security.  If you want to learn from real hackers and cybersecurity experts, this is the place to be.

We are always looking for opportunities to serve the greater community.   As such we’re a part of the new Innovation Center for our new West Valley location and we hope to see you on Saturday, October 7th!

Tickets and registration are available on Eventbrite by clicking here.  

This is a secure campus and registration is required.

As a 24×7 live-fire cyber warfare range AZCWR provides the community with security training.  Our purpose is to develop a well-trained workforce versed in continuous improvement processes for cyber warfare, defense, and security.

We host hands-on exercises to everyone from beginners to tenured professionals through real world operations.  Each area is designed to meet the needs of the students’​ education level, with the proven results of upward career progression in the real world of cyber defense and InfoSec.  Skills are learned in a hands-on, real world environment.