Open House

We are always looking for opportunities to serve the greater community.   As such, we hope to see you Saturday, June 24th!

Before attending we ask that everyone please review this page for both the waiver and driving directions to the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range.  Since we will be hosting an open house a valid escort is not required. 

If you have questions, please contact the Range at 480-525-9801 but please note the hours a volunteer is on-site to take your call by reviewing our calendar here.

As a 24×7 live-fire cyber warfare range we provide the community with InfoSec training.  Our purpose is to develop a well-trained workforce versed in continuous improvement processes for cyber defense and security.  We host hands-on exercises to everyone from beginners to tenured professionals through real world operations.  Each area is designed to meet the needs of the students’​ education level, with the proven results of upward career progression in the real world of cyber defense and InfoSec.  Skills are learned in a hands-on, real world environment.  Our participants learn Computer Network Attack (CNA), Computer Network Defense (CND), and Digital Forensics.

Our purpose is to develop a well-trained workforce versed in the continuous improvement process for cyber security. This is done through self-paced training, organic mentoring and a real-world experience.

Although we are not a lab or certification entity, we provide real world statistics on all security systems placed into our range.  There is no cost to add your technology to our Range for testing.  If you are a student or a hobbyist, your submissions are welcome.  Limitations are based on available resources such as human time, server space, and available bandwidth.  All serious security vendors are encouraged to submit their technologies to the Range for real world assessments and statistics on performance.