Participation on-site at the Range

We welcome your visitor and/or participation on-site at the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range.

Our Mesa, AZ facility is located within AZLabs near the Mesa Gateway Airport. Driving directions are near the bottom of this page.

While on-site, you are subject to certain hazards.  Before you visit us, you will need to fill out, and bring with you, our waiver of liability.  You will also need to bring a valid photo ID.

The AZCWR facility is not classified; however, the surrounding offices and buildings are.  Therefore, visitors to the AZ Cyber Warfare Range must be escorted.  You will also need to bring with you a valid ID (e.g. drivers license, passport, state id, etc).

Valid escorts are;

  1. AZLabs management, and staff if an appointment has been made.
  2. Ang, Ryan
  3. Bomgartner, Colton
  4. Bouter, Chase
  5. Chivers, David
  6. Demarest, Mark
  7. Erickson, Aron
  8. Gardner, John
  9. Glover, Joel
  10. Grieco, Elio
  11. Grimmelman, Frank
  12. Harp, Josh
  13. Hernandez, David
  14. Hrabak, Jared
  15. Larkins, Richard
  16. Mason, La Rita
  17. Nunn, Alexander
  18. Quaye, Charlton
  19. Reed, Jesse
  20. Rivera, Ray
  21. Scott, Alexander
  22. Scott, Brett
  23. Tippett, William
  24. Shaller, John

When visiting the Range as a guest (& driving directions):

  1. Make sure you have scheduled an appointment with a valid escort.
  2. Please cameras and digital recorders at home.  We are in a facility that is highly classified and you do not need to meet the feds but we’re happy to introduce you.
  3. As you approach AZLabs, proceed to the southwest corner of the facility grounds with the entrance gate.
  4. Press the call button at the gate to reach the security officer on duty.
  5. When s/he answers, tell them you are here to visit the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range. (The guard will then likely open the gate.)
  6. Upon passing through the gate, take an immediate left and drive through to the farthest left area and park. You should see a white sign with an arrow that says “Visitors.”
  7. Proceed north to the “security office,” located near the flag pole and through the double doors of the taller building.
  8. Check in with the security officer on duty.  You will need a valid ID such as a drivers license, passport, etc.
  9. You will be issued a visitor’s pass, and someone on site at the AZCWR will be notified.  They will come to the security office, and escort you to the AZ Cyber Warfare Range.
  10. Upon entry to the AZ Cyber Warfare Range, you will need to sign-in to the entry log.  It is located on a clipboard upon entry.  Please do so, and do not forget.  You must also “sign out” upon departing the AZCWR.

The AZLabs facility is located at:

6030 S. Kent
Mesa, AZ 85212

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