Founding Partners

  • Rivera Consulting Group / Dscansa
  • LiveSquare Security
  • Phoenix ISSA and Rich Larkins

Operational Partners

  • AZ Labs
    … and several more coming soon.

Our wonderful supporters


AlienVault is a strong partner and a significant aid in our cyber security.

Their highly featured and capable SIEM is simple to learn, yet powerful enough to get the job done.

Thank you for the strong and brave support from:

Would you like to donate to the AZCWR?

Do you have equipment you could donate? We are always looking to expand our offerings.

Are you a security technology company? Why not put your technology in harm’s way by sending it to the real-world cyber warfare range?

We would like to thank the Embry-Riddle Cyber Security Club and the Mesa Community College Cyber Security Club for their great and ongoing help at the range. We really appreciate your support!