Standard Ranges

The Arizona Cyber Warfare Range is a privately funded organization designed to accelerate innovations in cyber security.

The ranges offer an excellent platform for you to learn computer network attack (CNA), computer network defense (CND), and digital forensics (DF). You can play any of these roles.

Our architecture is based on donations and open source based infrastructure. We currently have over 150 metal servers, over 1300 virtual machines, and over 12 petabytes of storage. We believe it is the largest privately funded cyber warfare range in the world.

We also have many different networking devices, security appliances, and other Internet addressable goodies for an even more real world environment for CNA, CND, and digital forensics.

The range is comprised of segregated areas of concentration.

Under the educational division, the range is devided into beginner, intermediate, advanced, and real world ranges where students of all levels can learn in a hands on environment the skills they need to become a better cyber security professional.

Those interested in starting a new career in cyber security are first introduced to the basic concepts and terminology within the industry. Educational materials are available in both self-paced learning and more traditional educational contexts. Education is backed with hands on exercises against real world environments. These hands on sessions are guided by educators and provide the student with real world feedback and results. There is no substitute for practical / hands on experience.

Those interested in advancing their education will continue to receive re-enforcement of the basic concepts and terminology within the security industry, but will move more into exploring and experiencing all of those concepts in a hands on learning environment. This includes both offensive and defensive skills.

To obtain mastery of the required knowledge, advanced students will work within a completely hands on environment and will be working with tools and technologies available on the commercial market. Their education is augmented with real-time industry updates and technology performance data from the cyber warfare range’s real world environment. Students in this area are operating in an environment that is comparable to employment as a corporate security professional. They will continue to use and master real world commercial tools, as well as learn the needed skills to work with other security professionals in a team environment. Soft skills, reporting, budgeting, and other forms of planning are learned, practised, and reviewed.

Real World
Cyber warfare is constantly evolving. Therefore, cyber security professionals must continue their education. Students operating in our real-world environment are participating in a live fire cyber war. It does not get any tougher or real-world that this environment. Students harden and broaden their skills based on real-time experiences and information as it happens.